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ERC Today

Headquartered:  Huntersville, NC

ERC Today is a tax service company working with companies nationwide to help them maximize their Employee Retention Credit (ERC) refunds.

The accounting pros at ERC Today only focus on ERC, helping clients maximize their ERC refunds. To date, the company has helped small business owners receive millions of dollars in ERC funds.

ERC Today has a very streamlined application process that requires very little time and effort from its clients. Claims can be ready for processing in as little as one week, making ERC Today one of the fastest ERC processors.

Company Information

  • Employees:

    10 - 24

  • Languages Spoken:


  • Upfront Deposit Required:


  • Min # of W2 Employees:


  • Online Application:


  • Fee Charged:

    10-15% of tax credit received

Service Focus

100% ERC


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ERC Today Reviews

ERC Today Review 32

The services you provided were top notch. Your costumer service was exceptional any request you had were easy to provide. Thank you!!!

Michele Mangan

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ERC Today Review 41

Joe Fermil and his team were great!!! I highly recommend!

Kenneth Sundaresan

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ERC Today Review 44

Great experience. Professional service. Seamless process.

Adam Scott

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ERC Today Review 1

ERC Today has been a great help in getting the Employee Retention Credit for our SaaS company. The process was very straightforward and they walked us through every step of the way. I... read more

Celine Stag

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ERC Today Review 11

Everyone was super professional and easy to work with! They filed and submitted everything on our behalf after we gave them all the necessary paperwork. They told us it would be 6-10 months... read more

angela koh

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ERC Today Review 17

Had an interview with ERC today and it all went well. The conversations before the interview also went well. I was told they would get back to me at the end of the... read more

Travis Neto

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ERC Today Review 45

Timely execution and accurate information are key with this.

Marvin Ferguson

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ERC Today Review 16

ERCToday has been the best ERC company to work with. They are technologically advanced, and they have a full team of qualified individuals helping clients move through their process. I highly recommend using... read more

Ryan Botindari

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ERC Today Review 15

Easy process to get my Employee Retention Credit. They do all the work and even fill out the paperwork. All you have to do is sign the forms and wait for the checks.... read more

Vic Cannon

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ERC Today Review 30

They were great, made the process quick and easy. I could always get a hold of people when I had questions. So on it every step of the way! Totally recommended from me!

Kathy Lingenfelter

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ERC Today Review 49

Excellent service

Ed Jouran

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ERC Today Review 24

First i have impression that my business does not qualify for ERC, but ERC Today made my process very easy. I have received big amount . I will recommended this company to all... read more


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