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ERC Guaranteed

Headquartered:  Chicago, IL

ERC Guaranteed is a premier ERC Tax Credit firm. We are a tax accounting firm that specializes in government incentives and provide you with excellent & personalized expertise. We are experts in regulatory affairs and specialize in interpreting laws like the CARES act.

We are the country’s largest expert in Employee Retention Credit. We handle all the hard stuff, letting you focus on getting back to doing what you do best, while we do what we do best.

Built on the core values of commitment to the customer, continuous improvement, and integrity, we are here to take all the guesswork out of maximizing your ERC. We provide the most advanced, value-for-money ERC assessment to small business owners across the United States.

Company Information

  • Employees:

    50 - 99

  • Languages Spoken:

    English, Spanish

  • Upfront Deposit Required:


  • Min # of W2 Employees:


  • Online Application:


  • Fee Charged:

    15% of tax credit received

Service Focus

75% ERC
25% Tax Advisory


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ERC Guaranteed Reviews

ERC Guaranteed Review 26

I price checked first with competitors and they were the best option.

Candice N. Daniels

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ERC Guaranteed Review 27

Orlando has been an excellent agent to work with! She is very knowledgeable and provided me with a lot of information to support my application for the ERC.

Jane W. Calhoun

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ERC Guaranteed Review 28

ERC Guaranteed gave me a great rate for taking over the whole process. Everything was simple, fast, and easy. I would definitely recommend them.

Arnold Paul

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ERC Guaranteed Review 29

I was a bit hesitant at first because I thought the price would be too high. I was amazed when I finally contacted them.

Michael McClure

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ERC Guaranteed Review 30

They had better prices than most others and they were extremely helpful.

Alex Jablonski

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ERC Guaranteed Review 31

They made the process so easy and stressfree.

Randall Gilmore

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ERC Guaranteed Review 32

Helped us to obtain the ERC grant. We are very satisfied and pleased with their services and their reasonable fees.

Jay Hill

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ERC Guaranteed Review 33

I heard about you from a friend who also used your services for their business. She said you were great and that it was worth every penny. I cannot agree with her more.

William L. Denny

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ERC Guaranteed Review 34

Where should I even start? Friendly team and extremely fast service. Thank you for everything!

Justin B. Roller

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ERC Guaranteed Review 35

I want to thank you for your professionalism and expertise, you really knew how to put me at ease.

Judith W. Tidd

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ERC Guaranteed Review 36

If you want to get a 100k-plus refund from payroll taxes, then give them a call. They are the experts in ERC grants and payroll tax returns.

Porter E. Adams

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ERC Guaranteed Review 37

They are really knowledgeable about everything in this market and the whole process.

Nicholas D. Craig

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