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ERC Guaranteed

Headquartered:  Chicago, IL

ERC Guaranteed is a premier ERC Tax Credit firm. We are a tax accounting firm that specializes in government incentives and provide you with excellent & personalized expertise. We are experts in regulatory affairs and specialize in interpreting laws like the CARES act.

We are the country’s largest expert in Employee Retention Credit. We handle all the hard stuff, letting you focus on getting back to doing what you do best, while we do what we do best.

Built on the core values of commitment to the customer, continuous improvement, and integrity, we are here to take all the guesswork out of maximizing your ERC. We provide the most advanced, value-for-money ERC assessment to small business owners across the United States.

Company Information

  • Employees:

    50 - 99

  • Languages Spoken:

    English, Spanish

  • Upfront Deposit Required:


  • Min # of W2 Employees:


  • Online Application:


  • Fee Charged:

    15% of tax credit received

Service Focus

75% ERC
25% Tax Advisory


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ERC Guaranteed Reviews

ERC Guaranteed Review 50

It’s a super service!

Gerald Jackson

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ERC Guaranteed Review 51

The opportunity is too good to pass up! Try them!

Anthony Guzman

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ERC Guaranteed Review 52

Sunrise knows how to treat their customers.

Ron Williams

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ERC Guaranteed Review 53

We can confirm the product, experience and price is unbeatable.

Shirley Gray

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ERC Guaranteed Review 54

Between keeping my business alive, and family life, I had little time to dedicate into learning more about the process and what was required for my ERC funding. Thankfully, they took care of... read more

Jose Davis

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ERC Guaranteed Review 55

They make it easy to file. They get the work done fast and they charge less than their competition. We recommend them!

Jane Tierney

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ERC Guaranteed Review 56

Only thing I have to add to all the wonderful reviews I see is that as soon as I got my ERC refund, I went out and recommended them to every business owner... read more

W. Rohan Karen

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ERC Guaranteed Review 57

Working with them got my ERC application granted which benefited my small business greatly.

Ronald N. Carpenter

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ERC Guaranteed Review 58

As far as customer service goes, they're the best in town by far.

Richard F. Moya

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ERC Guaranteed Review 59

It pained me to see all the expenses and debt piling up for my business, so securing this grant with their help really helped me out.

Kevin Harley

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ERC Guaranteed Review 60

Working with them has been a dream.

Arlene B. Holley

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ERC Guaranteed Review 61

Our experience with them was a great one. They were professional and knowledgeable. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for help with their ERC filing.

Gloria R. Gonzalez

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