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ERC Guaranteed

Headquartered:  Chicago, IL

ERC Guaranteed is a premier ERC Tax Credit firm. We are a tax accounting firm that specializes in government incentives and provide you with excellent & personalized expertise. We are experts in regulatory affairs and specialize in interpreting laws like the CARES act.

We are the country’s largest expert in Employee Retention Credit. We handle all the hard stuff, letting you focus on getting back to doing what you do best, while we do what we do best.

Built on the core values of commitment to the customer, continuous improvement, and integrity, we are here to take all the guesswork out of maximizing your ERC. We provide the most advanced, value-for-money ERC assessment to small business owners across the United States.

Company Information

  • Employees:

    50 - 99

  • Languages Spoken:

    English, Spanish

  • Upfront Deposit Required:


  • Min # of W2 Employees:


  • Online Application:


  • Fee Charged:

    15% of tax credit received

Service Focus

75% ERC
25% Tax Advisory


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ERC Guaranteed Reviews

ERC Guaranteed Review 14

I did extensive research and I can guarantee this is in the top companies and the choice I made. So if you're looking for help with getting ERC money, call this guys.

Ignacio Harris

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ERC Guaranteed Review 15

We often take advantage of business programs and have worked with multiple companies in various applications. We are all thoroughly impressed by Sunrise Business Solutions. Their service is absolutely amazing, and we got... read more

Refugio James

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ERC Guaranteed Review 16

Our friend recommended this company to us. They handled our ERC refund application and we received our refund back within three days. They have a professional, helpful, and friendly team.

Anthony J. Milton

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ERC Guaranteed Review 17

I was hesitant at first, but the process of filling out my paperwork and having it all organized wasn't difficult in the least. It went quickly and was quite easy.

Ashley Roberts

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ERC Guaranteed Review 18

Your team was an amazing help in obtaining my ERC Grant. Everything they predicted happened. I would strongly advise you to choose these people!

Susan Blackwell

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ERC Guaranteed Review 19

This is just what you need if you've ever been perplexed by government rules. It's quick, easy, and removes all of the stress for you. And best of all, you'll get your cash back!

Ronald Lavergne

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ERC Guaranteed Review 20

I looked at a lot of companies before choosing to go with Sunrise, but I do not regret my decision. This company helped me get my first ERC loan and they made it... read more

Todd Brogan

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ERC Guaranteed Review 21

You guys made our COVID 19 claim process a breeze. Arturo and Sonia both helped us all along the way and their advice was very helpful in preparing for our hearing. I highly... read more

Clarence Jamison

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ERC Guaranteed Review 22

The team at Sunrise Business Solutions is amazing! They were able to help me get a refund that I didn't even know I was eligible for. I will definitely be using them again... read more

Karina Nelson

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ERC Guaranteed Review 23

I would definitely recommend this company over any other because they really do care about their clients, no matter how big or small the problem might be.

Michael J. Boyd

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ERC Guaranteed Review 24

The company is run by friendly and professional people that put their clients first.

Charles D. mace

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ERC Guaranteed Review 25

Very fast turnaround, and the most reasonable prices out there.

Ralph M. Russo

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