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ERC Benefits

Headquartered:  Boca Raton, FL

ERC Benefits specializes in assisting small businesses in filing for their Employee Retention Tax Credits (ERC) up to $26,000 per W-2 Employee. Our goal is to help as many small businesses as possible.

ERC Benefits has been the trusted source for hundreds of small businesses seeking guidance when filing for their Employee Retention Credits. They adhere strictly to the IRS guidelines while also maximizing your potential ERC credits. ERC Benefits has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Their ERC Advisors are well-versed in the nuances of ERC qualifications. They have a deep understanding of ERC guidelines and requirements, allowing them to maximize clients’ ERC refunds.

Company Information

  • Employees:

    25 - 49

  • Languages Spoken:


  • Upfront Deposit Required:


  • Min # of W2 Employees:


  • Online Application:


  • Fee Charged:

    15-25% of tax credit received

Service Focus

100% ERC


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ERC Benefits Reviews

ERC Benefits Review 24

Excellent service. We got the ERC funding within the intended timeline. Process was smooth with no hiccups along the way. LOVE IT!

Nghia Do

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ERC Benefits Review 25

Great team to work with. Fast, professional, and answered every question we had. Highly recommend.


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ERC Benefits Review 26

Great experience working with ERC Benefits! Omine and Jay provided a great service and were successful in getting our benefits in a timely manner. I highly recommend their services!

Steven Smith

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ERC Benefits Review 27

Very easy to follow process for getting money back from ERC benefits!

kathryn king

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ERC Benefits Review 28

ERC Benefits took care all the details for me. I just provided them with the needed documents, and they took care of the rest. Seamless process

Gerard Stone

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ERC Benefits Review 29

We are a very small business. I had called several place to see if we could get some help with th ERC Benefits and no one would help because we were too small.... read more

Tamne Robinson

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ERC Benefits Review 30

I found ERC to be very professional and diligent in their service. Marilyn was also very nice and attentive in working to get us the most benefits possible. Thank you.

Gilberto Medina

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ERC Benefits Review 31

All I did was supply my payroll information, then the ERC team did the rest. Two months later, I received the refund from the IRS. It was that simple. Give them a call.... read more

Mathnasium of Walpole

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ERC Benefits Review 32

ERC was super helpful through the process and I received money back from the IRS in about 3 months! Highly recommend!

colleen Valensin Vineyard

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ERC Benefits Review 33

My experience with ERC was very smooth. They are informative , helpful and efficient. Highly recommend.

Noni Davis

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ERC Benefits Review 34

(Translated by Google) It has been a pleasure working with ERC Benefits! They kept us informed along the way and answered all questions quickly and understandably. Marilyn was my main point of contact,... read more

Cesar Angarita

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ERC Benefits Review 35

ERC Benefits was always respectful and professional. ERC was pleasure doing business with. Highly recommended.

Sandy Bosca

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