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Bottom Line Concepts ERC

Headquartered:  Miami, FL

The ERC program is complex and might leave you with many unanswered questions. Bottom Line Concepts ERC can help make sense of it all.

The Employee Retention Credit underwent several changes and has many technical details, including how to determine qualified wages, which employees are eligible, and more. Your business’ specific case might require more intensive review and analysis. Bottom Line Concepts ERC dedicated experts will guide you and outline the steps you need to take so you can maximize the claim for your business.

Bottom Line Concepts has dedicated specialists that will interpret highly complex program rules and will be available to answer your questions, including:

  • How does the PPP loan factor into the ERC?
  • What are the differences between the 2020 and 2021 programs and how does it apply to your business?
  • What are aggregation rules for larger, multi-state employers, and how do I interpret multiple states’ executive orders?
  • How do part-time, Union, and tipped employees affect the amount of my refunds?

Company Information

  • Employees:


  • Languages Spoken:

    English, Spanish

  • Upfront Deposit Required:


  • Min # of W2 Employees:


  • Online Application:


  • Fee Charged:

    15-30% of tax credit received

Service Focus

25% ERC
25% CPAs
50% Other Advisory Services


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Bottom Line Concepts ERC Reviews

Bottom Line Concepts ERC Review 61 – 9/22

The company and it's representatives did exactly what they said they would do, and did it professionally. THANK YOU!!

Billy Collard

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Bottom Line Concepts ERC Review 62 – 9/22

Bottom Line Concepts is perfect if you need expert advice for small and growing businesses. Harrison has given us a strong and innovative marketing consultation for the RP program. I didn’t know there... read more

Diana Aponte

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Bottom Line Concepts ERC Review 63 – 9/22

Harrison led an amazing marketing consultation!!! Did not know there were so many tools and resources that Bottom Line Concepts had for all the small businesses in the USA but they are definitely... read more

Israel Martinez

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Bottom Line Concepts ERC Review 64 – 9/22

Had a great marketing consultation with Harrison. That guy is so knowledgeable and so resourceful. Not only out there so many amazing tools this company brings to help small businesses but they have... read more

Shatia Middleton

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Bottom Line Concepts ERC Review 65 – 9/22

This Group help our company recover from the the time that COVID-19 hit our country. Very helpful and my experience with them was awesome. Highly recommend this group to anyone. Thank you and... read more

Shaun Salanoa

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Bottom Line Concepts ERC Review 66 – 9/22

Excellent group of people. Very knowledgeable and professional.

Matthew Rey

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Bottom Line Concepts ERC Review 67 – 9/22

This company is amazing with the ERC. All of our US locations received what they were entitled to thanks to the experts here. Look forward to using them for additional US services.

Jose Maria Agramonte Becerra

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Bottom Line Concepts ERC Review 68 – 9/22

I wasn't even sure if I was eligible for any type of tax credit. Bottom Line helped me determine this and was able to help with a credit far beyond my expectations. They... read more

Tamara Campion

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Bottom Line Concepts ERC Review 69 – 9/22

Thank you, Bottom Line Concepts, you were very professional, very efficient and got the job done. I am very grateful for the help I receive from your team for my small business' ERC... read more

Jonailyn Peralta

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Bottom Line Concepts ERC Review 70 – 9/22

Amazing company! They truly have some great experts in house and have helped so many small, medium, and large businesses reinvest in themselves. I can see why so many companies have become clients... read more

Conor Meng

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Bottom Line Concepts ERC Review 71 – 9/22

Very friendly customer service!

Christie Griffin

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Bottom Line Concepts ERC Review 72 – 9/22

Bottom Line Concepts did such a great and thorough job at helping me through the ERC process. Every representative was attentive to the needs of my company and excellent in communicating what they... read more

Mountain Missy

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